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  a) Writing SEO content

Your online success depends on the quality of your web content. For that reason, the writing of unique contents is essential in your optimization policy. Web content writing is a work that requires literary knowledge and SEO skills.
DGCNET Offshore professionals are known for their writing skills. They can write for you:

  • SEO articles for your website/blog
  • News articles and newsletters
  • SEO pages
  • Press releases
  • Feature articles

The contents of our article are not plagiarized and are copyscaped. You gain better positions thanks to the use of strategic keywords on the various pages of your website.
Moreover, you will save time and money outsourcing these tasks to us. DGCNET web writers are professionals in SEO, in literature and in Marketing

b) Writing press releases

People write to be read! But this does not mean that all online articles are read. A press article is a text narrating facts, an event or highlighting a viewpoint. A press article ought to be of impeccable quality.  It is advisable the author draw from various sources of information (oral, written, audio, image etc).

A good writing skill is not enough to write press articles. The writing team of DGCNET Offshore is experienced in writing press articles. We adhere to the criteria of each newspaper, the information structure, the choice of topic and columns.

c) Writing product information

Product information is not just a simple editorial content. It showcases your products on the internet. It gives a good positioning to your article in search engines and accompanies your prospect in his/her purchasing decision.  Your plan should be carefully worked out.
Our E-Marketers handle the formulation of your product information. They can describe the technical features of your products, enhance its description and inform the customer on the gain and added value to be derived from purchasing your product.

A good writing is required as well as a dynamic layout to have good product information. Visitors to your website should be able to find all the information they are looking for while going through your production information. In four words, your product information should:

Attract, Appeal, Convince and Sell. 

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