Our resources

DGCNET Offshore specialist offshore internet service in Senegal. Offers resourcesfor all your offshore outsourced services

DGCNET Offshore possesses qualified resources and powerful technologies. We perfectly master the outsourcing market.
Our experience in skills management can facilitate your staffing process. We have a database of more than 20 000 professional resumes / CVs (www.azjob.net) and a wide professional network of freelancers able to satisfy your one-off or ongoing assignments (www.freelanzone.com).

Technical Platform

DGCNET Offshore  ensures and facilitates interaction of resources made available to you for the realization of your projects. Our back-office management team is made up of technicians, IT engineers and project management experts. Our platform is able to host up to 50 dedicated positions:

- High-performance logistics (computers Pentium 4 of 3.4Ghz or equivalent, hard disk of 300 Go, 2Go RAM, data backup servers etc). A specialized internet connection and a backup connection. Operational premises (calm atmosphere, power generator). Convenient environment for productivity. Specialized platforms conducive for B2B / B2C operations. Modern equipments meeting your needs and expectations.

Moreover, small companies stand to take advantage of our flexible costs. You can always be in contact with the team that manages your project.

Thanks to our monitoring tools, you will be at the heart of your project’s progress with the possibility of interacting and collaborating with the team to obtain real satisfaction.

With DGCNET Offshore, seize the opportunity to join a professional and a highly specialized team.

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