Our charter

DGCNET offshore: Outsourcing Outsourced quality

Today, outsourcing opens up new prospects for development in Africa and offers western companies to reduce their operating costs to be more productive on the international market.

The aim of DGCNET offshore is to be a leader in outsourced services offering service and quality resources in the organization of working remotely.
This goal requires that we have strong values, a strong identity and a strong ethic. The principles and modes of subcontracting in which everyone can recognize and develop whatever culture or country.

DGCNET offshore is attentive to the expectations of its customers:

  • Seeking continuous improvement in the quality of its services
  • Respecting the commitments and ensuring the transparency of its procedures
  • By establishing dialogue with them as open, based on a full and frank information.
  • Allowing them to benefit best quality / price ratio in our services with a strong use of labor and making use of computers.

DGCNET offshore development depends on the quality of its employees

DGCNET offshore strives to maintain within human relationships:

  • Ensuring the safety of all its employees and promoting their best professional and personal development,
  • Valuing teamwork and employee involvement in the life of the company, including informing its objectives and challenges,
  • Developing a dialogue between its members, open and constructive, based on trust.

DGCNET offshore is engaged in the socio-economic development of the countryby recruiting local staff and providing wage levels above the legal minimum.

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