Manual submission

DGCNET Offshore SEO provider agency website offers you to develop yournetlinking effective with a free manual SEO black hat. SEO agency manual fornetklinking and promote your websites.

Today, automatic SEO leads to some failure. Often the fields are not well submitted, inexistent categories, lack of coordinates among other things make your website inadequate for search engines. For these reasons, webmasters dislike the use of automatic SEO.
However, manual submission is the best way to analyze and take advantage of search engines. Its goal is to enhance your visibility on the internet and increase your audience.  Thanks to manual submission, you can drive traffic to your website from search engines and main directories.  Manual submission allows you to appear on the first pages of the most popular search engines at the same time respecting their individual algorithms.

For a good manual submission campaign, an audit of your website and a study of your competitors and their keywords is the first step.

DGCNET Offshore proposes a selective research of your keywords, the writing of your homepage’s title and the writing of unique descriptions. We will make modifications, if necessary, of specific fields and make some adjustments on your homepage. We will handle submission and monitor your project. You will be entitled to periodic reporting of your positioning.

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