DGCNET Offshore outsourcing company computer, computer help desk

Backoffice-Helpdesk is the property of the group DGCNET Offshore. Its goal is to provide solutions on implementation, on media management, facilities management of your infrastructures associated to your workstation and local networks. Our perfect knowledge of facilities management enables us to offer you services on back-office and remote assistance.
Take advantage of the competitiveness and professionalism of our Backoffice-Helpdesk team to create a strong partnership. The goal of our Helpdesk offer is to respond to specific and standard office tools. It provides assistance on specific applications and is at the service of your customer.
We guarantee you a secured and optimized technical architecture with tested software solutions. We put at your disposal specific and convenient applications. Backoffice-Helpdesk offers you tailored solutions. Choose between the local Helpdesk or the centralized off-site, on-site support or requested intervention, or fixed price invoicing.
We have proven capacity with regard to all the IT services we can offer you.

Ours assets and intervention areas are:

  • Quick implementation
  • Quality service
  • Competitiveness –Customer service – after-sales service.
  • Technical support – Helpdesk.
  • Back-office – qualification before intervention.
  • Management of how business documents and subscription contracts are dispatched
  • Management of mailing campaigns
  • Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of feedbacks
  • Management of satisfaction surveys
  • E-management of data
  • Management of consumer letters
  • Invoicing management
  • Check payment and remote payment management
  • Building knowledge bases
  • Digitization, filing
  • User monitoring and assistance (subscriptions, access, tickets, etc.) and customer service (documentation, product information, promotions, etc.)
  • Monitoring of warranties, contracts and agreements
  • Portal of services for users
  • Automatic dispatching of requests to the right interlocutors
  • Monitoring notification  to inform users
  • Management of preventive, curative and regulatory maintenance
  • Knowledge base enabling proactive response on recurring issues


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