Data capturing and processing

DGCNET Offshore, agency input and outsourced data processing, data entry

a) Mass mailing, collection and creation of email databases

The management of your marketing campaign and mass mailing process is a work that requires a certain level of expertise. To succeed in promoting your company online without being black-listed, you need emailing software. Entrust us with managing and sending of customized messages and newsletters.  Our data capturing and processing unit offers you solution to broaden your online presence through the creation of registration lists.

DGCNET Offshore produces your own contact lists. We can easily create for you HTML messages, press releases, customized advertising and newsletter. Establish business relationships by regularly monitoring your messages. We provide other services such as capturing directories and catalogs, dictatyping, capturing addresses on the internet, managing undelivered mails, responding to information requests by email.
You no longer have to wait to outsource all your data entry and processing tasks.

b) Secretarial work (keyboarding, processing, monitoring, etc.)

DGCNET Offshore provides data entry clerks who facilitate the outsourcing of your data entry operations. By subcontracting your data entry operations, you gain precious time compared to your competitors. Take advantage of significantly reduced costs. Our clerks have the experience and the speed unequalled in keyboarding.

We handle the entry of your questionnaires, ads, structured texts, catalogs, newspaper archives, technical brochures, encyclopedia, books, purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, bank statements etc.

In addition, we contribute to the development of your database especially on updates, directories, entry of codes in the database and expansion of the base

c) Online assistance

Online assistance is an important service in online buying process. It helps to create customer loyalty. The online assistance service is handled by professionals that answer the individual questions of users; they foster customer loyalty and ensure availability and reactivity.

DGCNET Offshore has rich experience in this area. It will manage your services with the goal of reducing purchase renunciation on your website.

We have a help line available 24/7 to cater to your needs. We manage information requests via email as well as subscriptions.

With DGCNET Offshore team, you activity becomes operational round the clock.Request a custom quote!


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