Content moderation

Web content moderation by moderators web spécilaisés

We intervene in these areas:

  • Moderation of ads,
  • Moderation of images,
  • Forum moderation,
  • Online assistance,
  • Chat room moderation,
  • Internet watch and SMS customization.
  • Management of your emails and validation of your contents before posting them online.

a) SEO contents moderation

The need to moderate the content of your website or your blog or any other participatory platform you use is real because your reputation depends on it. A good number of websites need to outsource the management of their forums, chat rooms, contents etc. DGCNET Offshore proposes to moderate your contents.
Our web moderators will make sure that the outsourcing of your online project is of quality and is carried out as if it were under your supervision.

Entrust this task to DGCNET Offshore professionals composed of web moderation specialists with more than 9 years of experience. They keep a 24/7 watch over the quality of contents published on your website at the same time comply with the laws guiding web 2 .0 development.

b) Forum moderation

In order to monitor closely the progress of your activity, a forum is necessary. It allows you to identify nascent issues and facilitate interaction. However, a code of conduct should be formulated based on legal principles pertaining to the development of digital networks.
The major challenge of forums is moderation. DGCNET Offshore puts at your disposal an efficient moderation team available 24/7 with proven experience. Invest in quality after all by pursuing your goal and respecting strict rules on forum moderation.

c) Moderation of images

Images draw attention. They illustrate your website and give different content to your website. They are powerful and they have an influence on the psychology of web users. That is why the moderation of images has become fundamental to community portals.

DGCNET Offshore offers you image moderation services by making sure that posted images do not encroach on the image rights of people. We check if the information attached to images is legal and respects the editorial policy and charter of your website.

d)  Monitoring users

Your activities should be fully effective on the internet. Your services should always be available. The monitoring of your website has to do with assessing usability and availability of the website. Your contact, reservation, login and search forms are to be managed from external resources.

DGCNET Offshore proposes to handle the monitoring of your users in order to control the operations of your online portal. We control all user accounts to prevent any unauthorized modification on your server.

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