Back-office management

DGCNET Offshore backoffice management, online management, web content management

Do you want to :

  • Save money by scaling down your investment?
  • Save work time?
  • Multiply your value on the Internet?
  • Manage you tool professionally?
  • Use a simple but efficient technique to update your contents?
  • Streamline your flow of information (products, services)?
  • Be trained on corporate takeover?
  • efit from monitoring and webmastering?

We have a global solution to help you succeed in managing your customers.DGCNET Offshore proposes you outsource the management of your customer service without relinquishing control over your customers.
Back-office management allows you to develop your activity and control costs. Optimize your expenditure and comply with IT standards and hone your skills management.
We put at your disposal all the tools needed to manage your information:

  • Management of your news
  • Publication of news and filing of old documents.
  • Update of your company data
  • Creation of new pages under various columns
  • Update of your contact lists and products.
  • Modification and/or input of contents or products, services, documents.
  • Content creation and modifications in line with your graphic charter.
  • Easy publication of your documents (images, files and any other materials).
  • Making available documents for download
  • Access to your documents for download from any column
  • Update management 24/7

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